“Moody Blues” makes PPA’s Loan Collection

On August 2, 2013 by admin

The McMillen’s are proud to announce that “Moody Blues” has been accepted into the Professional Photographers of America’s Loan Collection. This is the single highest honor awarded at the recent PPA International Photographic Competition. This was the first time the McMillen’s have ever entered any of their photographs into any competition and to be awarded such a high honor the first time is a true testament to their talents and skill as fine art landscape photographers. “Moody Blues” will be on display at the “Imaging 2014″ photographic exhibition in Phoenix AZ in January and will be published in the Loan Collection Annual next year.

The McMillen’s are extremely excited to share this news after only opening their signature Park City Landscape Photography Gallery less then a year ago, this has added a huge knotch in their belts along with bringing a greater value to their current collectors. “Moody Blues” is currently on display in the gallery and in fact it is the last print to be offered in the edition, this exciting news has added a huge value to the image and the ones that the McMillen’s private collectors already own. Having this photograph placed in the “Loan Collection” puts them at the top of the fine art photographic ladder, beating out several well respected photographers with much larger gallery’s worlwide. Stay tuned as we are sure this will not be the only award the McMillen’s win in their exciting photographic journey. To learn more about “Moody Blues” call the gallery at 435.575.1270.

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